University of Calgary

Spring | Summer 2016

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UCalgary is not only about to salute its 50-year history throughout 2016-17, but it’s about to embark on a transformative journey on and off campus. Join Maureen, our time-travelling student of the ages . . .
Meet six extraordinary individuals who were not only awakened by their experiences at university — but emerged transformed, ready to disrupt, energize and change their communities and the world.

In this Issue

A look-back on Mod campus fashions, a new 50 for 50 alumni program, words from the president, and more.
The power of an open mind, or curiosity, is often what sparks innovative research and discovery. Here, we poke into the labs of five UCalgary student and post-doctoral researchers who are at different stages of their careers. Curious yet?
Is there room enough for two generations in our future workplace? Differing values, communication styles, benefits and challenges are all on the table. Take a peek.

From bobble-heads, masks and symbolic microphones to topsy-turvy shelves of books — join professor Ron Glasberg in his office. Marie Kondo would not be impressed!
Meet Dr. Simon Bryant, MD’91, who recently helped more than 250 migrants on board the M.Y. Phoenix, while working for Medicins San Frontieres.
UCalgary’s Sport Medicine Centre has now grown from supporting an Acute Knee Injury Clinic to including an Acute Concussion Clinic and a Rotator Cuff Clinic.

From a look-back on where the Alumni department was four years ago to its future and myriad of new programs — two voices add their perspectives.
The encounter between Gwyn Morgan and Margaret Clarke was completely serendipitous. Discover how her assistance transformed the former Encana CEO’s educational path.
When you head off to obtain your Unicard with a wedge of cheesecake in your hands, where, exactly, are you? Tell us and you could win a $70 gift certificate.