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On the eve of celebrating its 50th anniversary, the University of Calgary is taking stock of its history and the ambitious dreams that has fuelled its dynamic growth. The scrappy little city of 350,000 in 1966 has grown into one of the nation’s most enterprising and intellectual hubs, currently home to 1.3 million proud Calgarians. Like our city, UCalgary has been transformed from a dusty, hopeful 
start-up into a smart, contemporary contender. In this edition, devoted to transformations, you’ll find stories on new, innovative learning spaces where classes and research spaces will focus on higher-order discussions as well as real-world applications. Other articles include snapshots of student research projects, profiles on five individuals whose on-campus experiences sparked personal transformations, and much more. Let the following pages be a guide to the unknown and allow them to inspire you to follow UCalgary’s motto — “Mo Shuile Togam Suas.” I will lift up my eyes!

A Campus Transformation

UCalgary is not only about to salute its 50-year history throughout 2016-17, but it’s about to embark on a transformative journey on and off campus. Join Maureen, our time-travelling student of the ages . . .

Agents of Transformations

Meet six extraordinary individuals who were not only awakened by their experiences at university — but emerged transformed, ready to disrupt, energize and change their communities and the world.

President's Message

Elizabeth Cannon invites you to celebrate the university’s 50-year history as well as its ambitious future in a series of anniversary events.

Feelin’ Groovy: Campus Fashion Through the Ages

From Mod mini-skirts and go-go boots to ponchos, bell-bottoms and long hair for guys — the fashion choices at the University of Calgary in the late ’60s and ’70s were as colourful and ever-evolving as the world around them.

Gen X vs. Gen Y

Is there room enough for two generations in our future workplace? Differing values, communication styles, benefits and challenges are all on the table. Take a peek.

Dropping In

From bobble-heads, masks and symbolic microphones to topsy-turvy shelves of books — join professor Ron Glasberg in his office. Marie Kondo would not be impressed!