University of Calgary

Fall | Winter 2016-17

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What, exactly, are we willing to risk and what do we hope to gain? Is it true that on any adventure — whether in a corporate boardroom or while summiting Mt. Everest — you are the great risk to yourself?
Is it a lack of trust in authority? Idealism? Parental closeness? From Baby Boomers to the iGeneration, we examine the power that politics, geography, arts and parents play in shaping a generation’s values.

In this Issue

There are as many reasons for giving to one’s alma mater as there are ways to give. We’ve designed a board game that charts the paths of four donors whose gifts are changing the world. Join us in a round of The Philanthropic Life.
A sneak peek at all-star Alumni events, Indigenous education, Hamlet played by an alumna, top tweets, a campaign update and more.
New scientific frontiers, zombie epidemiology, video-gaming research, teleporting — discover what’s going on in UCalgary’s labs.

What is that pink image on the screen, those tubes of fruit flies, kids’ art work and cancer samples? Join us on a tour of a lab that is striving to advance cancer research.
Meet two alumnae — a young lawyer and former Olympic champ — who are using their degrees in unusual ways.
Breaktime for steel workers caught snoozing 800 ft. above Manhattan, circa 1930.
In the quest for sleep, a bleary-eyed writer checks himself into a sleep clinic. After spending a night there, he discovers what Olympic athletes were also told when trying to control their erratic sleep patterns.

Discover how technology is being used in classrooms in a debate between two professors — where one embraces technology and, the other, less so.
Two voices from Alumni pack their columns with a myriad of exciting programs and events, designed just for you.
Last April, UCalgary’s first-ever Alumni Weekend attracted more than 1,200 graduates, friends and families to the educational extravaganza. Relive the weekend through these photos and be sure to join us in September!

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