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Risky Business

Submitted by alumni on Sun, 10/30/2016 - 16:54.

Risky Business

What, exactly, are we willing to risk and what do we hope to gain? Is it true that on any adventure — whether in a corporate boardroom or while summiting Mt. Everest — you are the great risk to yourself?
By Mike Fisher, Illustrations by Jason Esteban, BFA'96

If life is a mountain to climb, then, these days, we’re hunkered down for a storm. The economy’s taking a beating. Politicians are at each other’s throats. The future is foggy. Getting ahead is like trying to gain traction on an increasingly slippery slope.

Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson,

BA’15, pro basketball player, ex-Dinos point guard

Reed Ferber

BPE’93, assistant professor and director of the Running Injury Clinic

Pam Krause

BA’86, president and CEO of the Calgary Sexual Health Centre

Jennifer Koshan

BSc’85, LLB’88, UCalgary law professor, 2013 Canadian Association of Law Teachers (CALT) Prize for Academic Excellence, 2015 Alumni Achievement Award

Sabiha Zaman

BSc’02, MSc’07, program coordinator/instructor, masters of biomedical technology program at UCalgary

Whitney Rockley

MBA’97, co-founder and managing director of McRock Capital

Charlie Locke

BComm’68, owner of Lake Louise Ski Resort, oilman, ranchman, mountaineer, environmentalist and philanthropist

Sharon Wood

First North American woman to climb Mt. Everest, received an honorary doctor of laws in 1987 and is now a certified alpine guide, motivational speaker and president of Adventure Dynamics