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In the Field

Submitted by alumni on Wed, 11/02/2016 - 22:22.

In the Field

New scientific frontiers, zombie epidemiology, video-gaming research, teleporting — discover what’s going on in UCalgary’s labs.

UCalgary Blazes Inroads Toward Scientific Frontiers

We may know that UCalgary was recently awarded a $75-million Canada First Research Excellence Fund, but what was the game-changing initiative that landed them this critical support?

A Zombie Ate My Epidemiology Textbook

Self-confessed zombie enthusiast Stephanie Coward, MSc’14, applies real-life principles of epidemiology to the fictional scenario of a zombie outbreak.

Level Up with Aiden Buckland

If 59 per cent of Canadians play video games — is that worth studying? Aiden Buckland, a.k.a. jvj24601, thinks so which is why his PhD research is evaluating what people do in that space.

Exploring New Frontiers with UCalgary Experts

Rove around the new website and discover a staggering amount of relevant stories on mental health, fitness, healthy neighbourhoods, entrepreneurship, transportation issues and far more.

MoJo Opens its Doors

The newly opened Mobility and Joint Heath Centre (MoJo) features state-of-the-art imaging, movement assessment and diagnostic equipment that will be used by researchers, patients, biomedical engineers and others.

Something in the Water

Faced with a world where drinking water is potentially threatened by everything from pharmaceutical drugs to climate change — Prof. Leland Jackson is leading an effort to help protect the planet’s water security.

Beam Me Up, Scotty!

What do you know, really know, about dark fibre, quantum networking and the teleportation of a photon. Here’s a good place to start...