University of Calgary

Fall | Winter 2015-16

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According to experts, you’ll reach new heights if you learn to embrace the occasional tumble. Does this mean you should strive to fail?
Why is design so vital to our everyday lives? Three MARch grads, behind several of Calgary’s hottest restaurants and pubs, weigh in.

In this Issue

Whether it’s the heavy hitters behind Wonderland or the players behind Alumni weekend and campus life — here is our regular roundup.
Dive into UCalgary’s six bold and comprehensive research strategies that will help shape and guide our work for the next 50 years.
Perfect or not, Calgary’s Cycle Track Network’s time has come. Or has it? We turn to the experts.

If you’re passionate about lifelong learning, classroom access at UCalgary is about to get easier. Take a peek at the blueprints of University District.
Meet the alumni-siblings behind a $155-million brewery business and a music grad who spent 10 years with Second City.
In a world besieged by multitasking and constant connectivity, mindfulness is gaining traction in numerous fields of study. Take a moment to be mindful.

Why do we go to unfamiliar places — such as Macchu Pichu? We ask a merry band of UCalgary travellers what they discovered in this lost city.
Two vital voices share updates on Alumni. From an engagement framework and leadership opportunities to online networking and regional programming — there’s plenty to celebrate.
Discover the impact the Ho family’s gift will have on law students — a gift that connects two continents with numerous students.

Connect with fellow grads and discover who’s doing what where, including three chats with a musician, a nurse and a “wrestling lawyer.”
From a shrinking hallway to adventures in underground tunnels, this storied faculty is about to have a new space that will open in the fall of 2016. Tell us where we are and you could win a $70 gift certificate.