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Shaping our world

Submitted by tdroden on Mon, 11/09/2015 - 13:01.

Shaping our world

The world of design is not what it used to be. No longer are we content to simply look — we want to be teased, engaged, provoked and involved in socially responsible design that connects us to the surrounding world. Consider this special issue on design a conversation of sorts, with scholars, alumni, artists, designers, architects and urban planners weighing in on a variety of topics. Let us start with a tour of James Plensa’s magnificent 12-metre-high steel wire sculpture, Wonderland — and then rocket you around some of the planet’s design capitals.

Heavy Hitter

When marketing whiz Ken Heinbecker, BComm’08, helped Heavy Industries snag the building of The Bow’s iconic Wonderland sculpture, he had no idea what a stunner it would be.

A Better City by Design

We break smart urban design into three categories — transportation, public spaces and buildings — and put Calgary under the microscope.

Building Our Future

From the vast bucket that defines design we’ve selected three disparate designers connected to the University who reveal their inspirations and unusual career paths.

Eyes on Design

Five alumni — from Hong Kong to London — reveal their favourite designs and abominations in their new hometowns.

Bike Battles

Even before Calgary launched its $5.75-million cycle-track pilot project last spring, citizens were taking sides. As do two alumnae, who debate the pros and cons of our new bike-path system.

Expanding Campus Borders

Let us take you behind the blueprints of the new University District. With a plan for more than 6,000 multi-family homes, discover its park system, bike-path network and retail plans.